Your fleet must operate efficiently if you want to succeed in business. This includes choosing the optimal routes, maintaining driver safety, and saving money on gasoline. A GPS tracker is what you need to achieve this. Mike Michel IT Consultants can provide you with a cost-effective tracking solution to increase profits while simplifying operations.

A Mike Michel IT Consultants GPS tracking solution allows you to:
  1. Optimize delivery routes
  2. Boost driving effectiveness and safety
  3. Cut back on idle time
  4. Get notifications on your mobile device
  5. Review your daily schedule and routes

GPS Trackers


Product has a built-in battery (55mAh), provides GPS, compass and LBS positioning. Supports real-time tracking through Web, APP, and SMS, with OTA capabilities, ACC ignition detection, power off alarm, oil cut off, and vibration, overspeed, GEO fence and low power alarms.


Product has a 300mAh battery, GPS/LBS positioning, and real-time tracking via Web, APP, and SMS, OTA updates, supports power off/anti-theft alarms, SOS button, voice monitor/record. Has light/vibration/overspeed/GEO fence alarms for added security.


55mAh built-in battery and advanced positioning technology with real-time tracking through Web, APP or SMS, ACC ignition detection, power off alarm, remote cut off and connection of oil, offers over-the-air upgrades (OTA). Features like vibration, overspeed, GEO fence and low power alarms for added security.


150mAh battery, GPS, LBS, compass, real-time tracking via web, app, and SMS. ACC ignition detection, power off and vibration alarms, overspeed, low power, and GEO fence alarms with voice monitoring. You can store up to 3 mobile numbers for SOS and burglar alarms, making it easy to call emergency services.


300mAh battery, COMPASS/GPS/LBS positioning for real-time tracking via web, mobile app, and SMS. It supports over-the-air updates and has ACC ignition detection, power off alarm, remote fuel cut-off, and SOS button. It also features sound recording, light sensitivity, overspeed and GEO fence alarms.


Real-time tracking via Web, APP & SMS, ACC ignition detection, anti-theft alerts, oil cut off access, and SOS emergency call button. It accommodates two digital inputs to monitor engine status, door & air conditioning. It has advanced features like temperature sensor, camera, and CLS.